Favourite things

Rhodia A5 webnotebooks


I always have a notebook in my handbag, as I’ve got older they’ve become places that I write recipes, lists and other random things I need to remember and less about the inner workings of my tortured soul but I’ve always had a notebook. I also love stationary, there is something magical about world of possibility in a blank notebook.



Although Moleskine’s are the darling of the notebook world, I am not that keen on them. It’s the paper, I mostly use fountain pens and moleskines are not fountain pen friendly, or at least not to my fountain pens. I hate it when my ink bleeds and this always happens in moleskines. Nothing bleeds through the paper in my Rhodia though and so it is the perfect notebook and I take it everywhere.


It also comes in black which might not show so much dirt but the orange has grown on me!







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