Friday Links

1) Maybe we’re not as busy as we think. I’m not really, I just bitterly resent all time that has to be spent doing things I don’t want to do, like working and housework…

2) How often do you call your mother? I speak to Ma everday, weekdays I call her when I leave the house and then when I leave the office. Weekends generally she calls me around 10am and sometimes in the evening. Ben calls her at least twice a week. We are possibly a bit weird but we’re happy..

We also text. This week there was a lovely text discussion about how (not whether but how) she would kneecap me if I bought her cookware for Mother’s Day. Feeling the love over here!


3) Barry Lyga is wise. Adults should not have relationships with teenagers. I don’t care how mature the teenager seems to be, they are still children and just no. He followed this post up later on with another, which is also full of sense.

4) The idea of teenagers having sex (with each other) becomes more disturbing to me as it gets harder to remember what being a teenager felt like. However, if they are going to have sex, it needs to be safe. So more access to contraception is a good thing and handwaving about promiscuity isn’t.

5) An interview with Kermit!

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