Food this week

My food choices last week felt a little chaotic because of post holiday blues and a lack of preparedness. They weren’t that bad, there was a lot of green things and other good for me stuff but there were a lot of jelly beans so this week I’m determined to get back on track.

This weekend, I ate pizza and made waffles for the first time, they were pretty good, I used this recipe and I’m adding them to weekend breakfast rotation.


In between and around the pizza, waffles, and the chicken and coleslaw sandwich that seemed like the only sensible thing to have for dinner on Sunday night, I’ve been eating a lot of vegetables. It was all I could do over the weekend not to buy the entire veg section of the supermarket this week. It’s the sunshine. My desire for vegetables always increases when the sun is out.

Aside from my desire to eat all the plants, the menu for this week is as usual, I’d love to be the kind of person who always eats something different for every meal but it’s not practical or affordable and I’m too lazy. So this week is for old favourites and this is what’s on this week’s menu plan.

Breakfast will be Yogurt pots but with roasted rhubarb instead of blueberries,


Dinners this week will be a rice and chicken bake, chickpeas and spinach, and black bean, squash and corn tacos which are an adaption of this recipe and is really good. Friday night is reserved for pizza and I’ve started to put a free night into the plan for using up leftovers or eating from the freezer!

Lunch will be leftovers or soup.

What are you planning on eating this week?

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