Monday Morning

It’s a beautiful sunny morning here and although I am not feeling great, (I had a migraine last night so have the sort of hungover, sick thing going on), I’m feeling pretty good about the week ahead. It’s another busy week at work and next week is December and the mad rush to Christmas, so home for me is going to be all about peace and quiet and getting enough sleep, although I’m not sure my weeks are ever not about getting enough sleep!

This weekend was great. Friday night Ma came over for pizza and cake decorating. The pizza was a triumph, the cake was lovely, decorating the cake was not.



I’m not going to show you how bad it was, but it was bad, it was a cake wreck. So I made an executive decision and made an emergency cake. I’ve told Laura that next year, she’ll have to pay someone who knows what they are doing if Oli wants a stunt cake.  Decoration is not my forte!


After a 1am bedtime on Friday night, 6.30am wasn’t nice, but up I got and to Watford we went.  For a party of 10 children running around like mad things! There was food and cake and candles and more running around.



Then back to the house for talking, lunch for the grown-ups and a glass (or two) of fizz.

I got home, had some dinner, watched Dr Who and went to bed.

That was pretty much my weekend.

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