Four Things -Thankful

Last week, I was sick and I went back to work yesterday. I am mostly better, the only thing I’m struggling with is the dark mornings and waking up in the morning feeling rubbish. This morning, I have a headache, a stuffy nose, a sore throat and I feel a bit sick. Now, I know that after I drink some water, eat breakfast and have coffee, I’ll jump into the shower and I won’t feel so awful.

However, knowing that and understanding it are two different things. A part of why I feel rough is about not feeling 100% well and another part of it is about winter and dark mornings and how much I would like to hibernate. What I’m saying is that I struggle about this time of year and I’m really struggling this morning. Rather than give into my morning gloom and spend the rest of the day in a slough of despond, here are four things (in no particular order) that I’m grateful for and give me a reason to be happy…

Somewhere to live.

Having a roof, even a leaky and expensive roof is a good thing (two more weeks ’til it’s fixed!). I’ve written about it before but this place, my living here, how I live here is down to more people than just me.


Which leads directly to the people that I love.

We don’t really achieve anything but ourselves. The people in my life are the reason I have such a good life. They cheer me up, keep me sane and make my life meaningful in all the best ways. People are great, my people are amazing (and for the guys not in these pictures, doesn’t mean that I’m not grateful for you too!)






Back Camera6092_579398346134_222300417_4964035_774022_n


Back CameraIMG_0366

My ability to make cake

This weekend, I decided that the blessing I could give my friends was cake. It is hard to be miserable when there is cake!


My bed

There are lots of other things to be thankful for but right now, first thing in the morning, I’m thankful that however bad the day might be, tonight I will go to bed and sleep!


Of course there are lots of other things to be grateful for, these are just off the top of my head!

What are the things that get you through a bad morning? What are you thankful for?

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