The Weekend

That’s the last Bank Holiday until Christmas done.

I decided on Friday Night that I wasn’t at all up for work drinks, I was really tired and I decided to go home and eat Friday Night Pizza (BBQ Chicken YUM!) and have an early night.


On Saturday, despite the rain and the delayed train, Ma and I went to Broadstairs. It actually wasn’t too bad, it was warm and it only rained for about an hour, it was the right choice because it rained all day in London. We walked and had lunch and paddled a bit. It was the right thing to do.



On Sunday, I did nothing. Well I read a book, tidied up the flat a bit but that was it!

On Monday, Ma came for lunch, actually, I think that she only came around to pick up S2 of The Wire, she’s racing through it! I shopped for food for the week and I read some more.

Today, it’s back to work, I need to fit five days work into three and half days! Friday afternoon we have team building, we’re heading off to Recipease to cook something, which should be fun!

What did you do?

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