The Weekend

Monday rolls around again…this morning with added thunderstorms. The weather is set to get cooler and wetter after today..we’ll see.

This weekend saw England win the second Ashes test, Chris Froome win the Tour de France and David Cameron talk more nonsense about the Internet so that it’ll look like he’s doing something….it’s the heat. (There’s also a lot being said and written about the Duchess of Cambridge and her labour or lack thereof and whether she’s being induced and I just want it to stop, it’s intrusive and silly. Yes, even a republican like me realises that the birth of a prospective Head of State is news but this hounding of a couple about to have their first child and it is hounding is pretty disgusting, so please stop it. By all means write about the million pound upgrade to Kensingston Palace, because that’s public money but how someone gives birth and whether or not she chooses to breast feed, that’s information that strangers don’t need to know.)

My weekend by contrast was very quiet, on Friday I saw Sarah.


On Saturday, I saw no one and did nothing but it was a lot cooler and I caught up on my sleep.

On Sunday, Ma and I went to Chiswick House, had a wonder around and talked about the next couple of weeks.


There’s a lot going on, Ma retires the week after next, my birthday happens the week after that and we have a lot planed and there’s a lot to do. However, we have a plan now (Lyme here I come and it’s time to re-read Persuasion) and Ma made a list…



How was your weekend? Anyone got exciting plans for the week?

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