March Goals Recap 1



So week one of March over and done with. I caught a cold (another one for crying out loud!) at the beginning of the week and ended up spending yesterday at home with another very sore throat! As if to balance this cosmic unfairness, I got a letter from HMRC telling me that I’d overpaid tax and they were going to give me a rebate! Yay for tax rebates!!


1) Coffee and alcohol, no more than 3 times a week.

3/3 on both.


Self care

2) No computer after 9pm on a school night (Sun to Thurs).

5/5 amazing how easy this is to do when you feel like rubbish!

3) Paint my nails!

They’re painted!


4) Book an appointment with a dentist.

Booked I go to see them next week


5) Sort out the DVD’s in the living room.

Done, I’ll show you next week!

6) Sort out the pictures in the kitchen.

Not done as I need a trip to Ikea first!



7) Gym twice a week. 

0/2, I had a cold and it wasn’t happening.

8) 2 10k walks in March

Not yet, I did a 5km on Monday night but I haven’t done this yet!


How was your week?


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2 Responses to March Goals Recap 1

  1. myfitfoot says:

    Another cold? That’s rubbish.
    My Mum would say you need a tonic … I personally recommend the one that involves gin.

    • nicdempsey says:

      Tell me about it! I spoke to the dr who said it was just bad luck, I’m more worried that both times it’s headed straight for my throat! But at least my tonsils are working. Fortunately this wasn’t so bad as last time and I had Friday booked as leave so I spent the day resting and indoors!

      Mother’s Day this weekend so there will be gin!

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