February Goal Recap / March Goals


Hello, we are now in March and it’s time to recap February and tell everyone what I’m planning for March.

After January’s success, February has been a bit of a disappointment, I failed at exercise and while I was ok with the other stuff, I wasn’t focussed and didn’t feel in control. For next month I need to kick myself into action and just get it done!

Here’s the round up.


1) Coffee and alcohol, no more than 3 times a week.

15 out of 15 for the coffee. 13 out of 15 for the alcohol – Monday night drinking two weeks in a row! I’m still happy with this, it’s a good balance and I’m going to keep it on the list as it’s a good motivator.

2) Take my lunch to work

14 out of 15. Happy with that. One day due to not having any food in the house after being sick. Yay for organisation! It’s embedded now.

Self care

3) No computer after 9pm on a school night (Sun to Thurs).

17 out of 19. This is my top tip for getting better sleep.

4) Moisturiser and general maintenance.

28 out of 28. Only area of weakness is my nails, which I will focus on next month.


5) Paint the living room.

This has been put back a month or two.

6) Dust under the bed, find out what’s underneath it.

Amazingly, this has made me feel more in control of floor cleaning (which I loathe!)


7) Gym twice a week. Again this is one of my 2013 goals, so time to be dedicated about it. Tuesday and Thursday lunchtime, no messing about, no being a brat. Also I have a 5km booked in June so will need to start training properly in March, this is a good run up!

1 of 8. Fail, fail, fail.  I’m going to reset this for next month and make it happen.

8) Three times a week I will do the set of exercises below three times. I think that Monday, Wednesday and Saturday might work quite well! I won’t enjoy it but I am going to do it.

20 squats /12 sit ups/12 press ups/1 minute plank

8 of 12. Nope, need to sort my life out

March Goals


So clearly for March I need to make exercise a priority, I feel better when I do it, I just need to overcome my laziness.


1) Coffee and alcohol, no more than 3 times a week.

Same as last month, because it’s an easy way to keep on track.


Self care

2) No computer after 9pm on a school night (Sun to Thurs).

It’s a good goal and I like the motivation of having to tell the blog about it if I muck up!

3) Paint my nails!


I’ve been taking care of myself in the little ways really well. However, my nails have been breaking like mad, I think this is because I haven’t been painting them. Having them painted seemed to remind me to oil my cuticles and use hand cream more. I haven’t been doing that since Christmas and my nails are very unhappy and short and breakable. So I need to get back into the habit of painting them and because I hate having chipped fingernails, that will mean twice weekly!

4) Book an appointment with a dentist.

I really need to see a dentist. Since my lovely dentist stopped working I’ve basically ignored my need to see one not because I’m scared of them at all but because I don’t trust anyone who isn’t Shiona with my teeth. Then my tooth broke and it’s just got to happen.


5) Sort out the DVD’s in the living room.

I’ll do a post about this but basically I need to sort them out and use those shelves for the book overflow because in my home the books have priority!

6) Sort out the pictures in the kitchen.


I’ve been meaning to do this for months, I know what I want to do and I just need to get it done. I’ll do a post about this as well.


7) Gym twice a week. 

I’m having  a do over for this one.

8) 2 10k walks in March


The weather is getting better, Spring is nearly here, I need to get out in the fresh air. It’s also a bit of training for Northumberland in April!

How did you do with your goals in February? What do you have planned for March?

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