The Weekend

Last week was a pretty good week, but I arrived at Friday feeling tired and in need of a rest. I am aware that my default setting is asleep or on a sofa, so it wasn’t really a surprise. I have always maintained that my ambition in life is to sit on a sofa and eat bonbons and people think I’m joking, I’m really not and just as soon as I find a perfect sofa and some really good bonbons, you’ll know where I’ll be.


So I had a quite Friday, at home with a martini and pizza. This was also the point I looked at my diary and realised that it’s my last Friday night in for a couple of weeks, which may at least make these updates more interesting! The pizza was leek, mushroom and mozzerella.


On Saturday, I was home, tackling the housework and finally doing some much needed clothes repair. I’d like to be really good at sewing, as it is, I can fix most things but anything that actually requires expertise either goes to my mum or the shop for fixing.

Halfway through the day, I talked to John and arranged that he’d come over for dinner. John hasn’t ever been to the flat and it was really nice to catch up properly. It’s also kind of weird knowing that this week I’ll see stuff in the news and know that John’s been working away in the background!


I sent John back to his hotel and possibly more work but I did send him back with marmalade. There was a midnight visit from the ginger cat. The ginger cat seems to like my flat! It seems like a well cared for cat but I do wish that cat owners would put collars on their cats, so I could be sure it wasn’t a stray. It’s a lovely cat and seems to be lacking affection…


Sunday was a deliberately lazy day. I did some cooking for the week ahead, caught up on the washing…finally and just prepared myself for the week ahead with some relaxation.

Next week, I’m going to be busy at work and preparing myself for a weekend with my Ma and Oli. Ben and Lu are having a weekend away so we are having him from Friday to Sunday. Hopefully, I won’t have to spend too much time pretending to be a witch that Oli (being a dragon) is going to eat..he’s read Room on the Broom a lot…

What did you do at the weekend? What does the week hold in store for you?

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