Goal Update – Countdown to Christmas

20111222-085721.jpgThe alternative title for this post was ‘How November kicked my arse…again’

I haven’t been doing well with these goals at all and although I’ve been noting what I have done down, I haven’t really been committed and I’ve been using how busy I’ve been to ignore my lack of achievement and how I’ve felt about it.

Yesterday morning, I was walking to the station and I felt tired, sluggish and all sorts of not good. I was thinking that I’d just give up on trying to achieve the goals and not update the blog. Ignoring things and hoping they go away, really doesn’t work  and I’ve been doing too much of that anyway and all of these goals were something I could do. I decided that the best time to raise my game was right now, when I wasn’t feeling great. I may not make all of these goals for Christmas but I can do my best and commit in the next couple of weeks.

1) Do a plank a day of a minute or over (52)

Done: 18.   Target: 36

I know, I’ve only done half of them.  I will get back to this and maybe do 2 a day to help make up the loss.

2) Log 1820 fitness minutes (35 minutes a day)

Done: 875.  Target: 1225  Remaining: 945

Not as bad as I thought. However, this has mostly been walking and not as purposeful as I would have liked. Also, I’m still behind. Time to step this up.

3) Walk or run 260km (5km a day)

Done: 94.  Target: 175  Remaining: 166

This is bad. Time to start making 5km a day, even if I don’t make up the target. Will be going for a long walk tomorrow!

4) Do 1040 sit ups (20 a day)

Done: 420.  Target: 700  Remaining: 620

I stopped doing these about the same time that I stopped doing the planks. I started again this morning!

5) Do my knee exercises and stretches 104 times (twice a day)

Done: 71.  Target: 70  Remaining: 33

These have made the most difference to how I feel.  It’s 12 minutes every day so worth doing.

6) Have 26 alcohol free days

Done: 15  Remaining: 11

I really thought that I’d done worse than this. It’s probably because this week has not been at all booze free (we’ve been celebrating Ma’s birthday!). Some days have been just one glass so not excessive but I do need to remember that as with cake, just because it’s offered, I don’t have to say yes if I don’t fancy it!

7) Eat 364 servings of fruit and vegetables (that’s 7 a day)

Done: 234.  Target: 245  Remaining: 130

As my stress levels increased my vegetable intake decreased. I also haven’t been having my morning smoothie. I’ll sort this out this week and get back on track.

8) Be thankful every day for 52 days.

I’ve done this every day and as you can see if click onto the ‘Reasons to be Cheerful’ page

9) Be in bed at 10pm for 35 days.

Done: 22.   Target: 25

And this is why I’m so tired this week.


So now I’ve actually added everything up, although it’s not fantastic, it isn’t as bad as I thought it would be. There’s a lesson there…


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