Countdown to Christmas or Goals for November

For November and December I’m going to do something a bit different. Inspired by from Cassie at Back to Her Roots, I’m going to adapt her All About the Numbers Challenge.  Cassie took the 50 days from October to Thanksgiving to set a challenge that would remind her to stay healthy in the lead up to the holiday season.  I didn’t join in because I’d already set goals for October and some of Cassie’s goals didn’t feel right for me although the idea was a really good one.

When I came to think about my November goals, I was lacking inspiration and then I realised that from today, there are 52 days until Christmas.  So I decided to steal use Cassie’s All About the Numbers Challenge as a model for my own (only without the beautiful graphics!) and call it (very originally) Countdown to Christmas.

The Challenges

Between now and Christmas Day, I will:

1) Do a plank a day of a minute or over (52)

2) Log 1820 fitness minutes (35 minutes a day)

3) Walk or run 260km (5km a day)

4) Do 1040 sit ups (20 a day)

5) Do my knee exercises and stretches 104 times (twice a day)

6) Have 26 alcohol free days

7) Eat 364 servings of fruit and vegetables (that’s 7 a day)

8) Be thankful every day for 52 days.

9) Be in bed at 10pm for 35 days.

Couple of things come into my head right about now. First, this is never going to work and second it needs a spreadsheet!

Anyone else settling goals this month? What are they?

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