Click-Clack the Rattlebag

You have the rest of the day* to go and download this Neil Gaiman story.

It’s available free on Audible and for every download they will donate some cash to the two charities of Neil Gaiman’s choice. On his blog, he said, “We chose our charities with pride and with care: we picked Donors Choose — –for the US; we picked Booktrust – — as our charity for the UK”

I’m all about people reading more and having more access to books. Reading opens you up to hundreds of ideas and worlds and people. It’s not hyperbole to say that reading changes lives. So please go and download this story, you’ll be helping others and getting a free slightly scary story.

I know about all this because Matt is going to use this story for the godchildren’s Halloween party, where the children are going to get party bags with a book in it for All Hallows Read.

Link is here for the UK and at for US people.

*This is about as much Halloween as I do.

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