The Weekend

This weekend started as normally does with a Friday Night Cocktail (one sloe G&T), pizza and a glass of wine.



I love Friday nights at home!

Saturday dawned bright and cold. The weather suddenly decided to remember that it was autumn and the temperature has dropped, but I’ll take cold and bright over warm-ish and grey.


I when all the way to Hoxton to spend some time hanging out with Lis and baby Lincoln.


Lincoln is a sweetie and Lis who’s been on her own with him for the week is the calmest, most organised mother of a newborn I’ve ever seen. I’m pretty sure in her shoes, I’d be all over the place!

Home to shopping (and being rained on while shopping!), housework, the radio and eventually dinner!


Archive on 4 was all about the clocks going back and was fascinating. It’ll be on iPlayer for the next 7 days and you should really go listen. Dinner was really good and I’ll write about it later this week. I also watched Casino Royale, in preparation for Sunday!

All of this Saturday night excitement ended with a late night conversation with the parent (who had been in Leeds for the day) to organise timings for Sunday. Then to bed after putting all the clocks back! I know that everyone hates the darker evenings but I love the ‘dead cat bounce’ I get from it being lighter in the mornings for another month or so. It was dark at 7am last week and I know by Christmas it will be like that again, but on Sunday morning at 7am it was light.

So light in fact that I decided to use my extra hour in bed by going for a run. Admittedly some of my running was very slow motion but I did it and rewarded myself with poached eggs on toast and coffee for breakfast.


A little self improvement, facepack, deep condition of hair, making my feet look like they belong to a human not a hobbit (there are no photos, for this you should be grateful) and it was off to meet Ma and watch Skyfall. James Bond is back, lots of my favourite actors being fabulous and blowing things up!

That done and then roast dinner at Moomba and a whisky. Then home to Sunday night, getting ready for the week ahead and a telephone conversation with Ryan.


What did you get up too?

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