October Goal Update – Week 1

Welcome to Saturday. So the first update of the month!

1) Cook a new recipe each week (I’m not making it specifically vegetarian but I will try for three out of four)
I made these. Really good although I amended them a bit, didn’t make them mini and didn’t serve them in a bun but they’re seriously good!

2) Exercise twice a week.
I did some walking but not enough exercise this week.

3) Clean floors and hoover once a week (I’m hoping that eventually this will be like the vegetarian days and I don’t even have to think about it!)
Fail for this week

4) 10pm school night bed time.
Surprisingly I’ve managed this!

5) Walk 10k four times in October.
No walking so far..

6) Tidy the cupboard. I have a store/junk cupboard off the bathroom that really needs some organising… as you can see!
Not done yet!

7) Cheerfulness. I’m going to find something that makes me happy every day and will list them as part of the Saturday goal progress report.

Sat – I lost my purse. I got it back. Minus the money but with the cards.

Sun – I spent the day preparing for the week by cooking. Was incredibly grateful that I have enough food to eat.

Mon – London, coming home from the LCS I was just so overwhelming glad to live in my city.

Tues – I was at the Sipsmith distillery so I was grateful for gin!

Weds – I was so happy to be at home.

Thurs – Having good friends.

Fri – Grateful to be a aunt

8) Forward planning. It’s Christmas in three months and before that Ben, Oli, Christelle and Ma have birthdays. By the end of this month I would like to have their birthday presents sorted out!
Working on this.


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2 Responses to October Goal Update – Week 1

  1. Jenny @ BAKE says:

    brilliant update! I love your ‘be cheerful’ notes, I am trying so hard to look on the brightside, you;re really inspiring

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