Saturday Goal Update 4

How was September? Firstly, I would like to explain that, for me, September ended on Friday, when my holiday started.  The next 10 days are a goal-less limbo while I am away, although we do plan to walk quite a bit, we also plan to eat, drink and generally relax. There will be lots of sleeping in, I may teach myself to crochet because I know how to live!

Overall, I’m really happy with September. This week I’ve caught some kind of bug so it’s not been as good as I would like and explains the lack of posting this week.  However, I’m feeling good about what I did and see where I have things to do…

1) One new vegetarian meal a week

This week I did eggs baked in mushrooms, which tasted ok but was really ugly, so no photo or blogging.

Overall I loved this and will do it again next month, I find myself thinking of different ways to make this one work and anything that encourages me to use my cookbooks is a good thing!


2) Monitor the booze intake.

Mmm. Saturday night I was not monitoring anything, lesson is that Mike is a bad influence and as he put it, “we’re middle-aged, middle-class binge drinkers”. But I didn’t drink because it was there and that’s good.

Overall = pass because I set out to be more mindful and I was.

3) Four 10k walks in the month

A big fat fail. All month…

4) Some other form of exercise twice a week

This week I got to the gym once. Then caught a bug from the nephew (I’d like to consider chasing him around the playground and covering him in a blanket to make him a dinosaur as exercise but I don’t think it counts!) and it all went downhill from there. However, for the month it’s a pass and it will be a repeat for next month…

5) Clean the floors and hoover once a week

Pass but I really didn’t enjoy it.  It really needs to be part of the routine not a chore so I’m repeating for next month.  I want it to become something that I just do as part of caring for the space I live in rather than because I’ve made it a goal here.  That’s only going to happen if I do it again next month (and possibly the month after that and possibly several months after that!)

6) Set a bedtime and stick to it.

Pass this week due to hangover and sickness. Repeat for next month because it makes all the difference when I do it.

How was September for you?

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