Things I can’t do without

The last couple of weeks have been difficult, I’ve been trying to make some changes at work, in the long term they will give me the chance to do new stuff and help the department, but I’m not good at transition and neither is the company I work in, so it’s been a bit of an uphill battle. However, it’s finally coming together. All of this has been going on over the wettest summer here since records began, it’s been grey and miserable and very wet. The weatherman claims it’s going to get better over this weekend and next week, I hope so because if it doesn’t I think I going to start growing mould!

This is a long winded way of explaining why I haven’t been posting. However, when even your mother notices the lack of posting, it’s time to get back on the horse!

We’ll start with the things that have made the last couple of weeks happier…


I have spoken at length about my love of coffee and how I try and keep the coffee addiction under control. I finally made the switch to decaff. Illy decaff  to be exact. I save the fully caffeinated stuff for the weekends.

Roasted Tomatoes

No one is surprised about this than me. As a child I would eat tomatoes in ketchup or in pasta sauce. If the tomato was pulverised fine, but I would, never, ever eat a tomato in it’s raw form.  I once had a memorable tantrum* because there was a tomato on my plate.

However, after I over-roasted some tomatoes for the accidental soup and have been eating them like my life depended on it. My lentil salad, in scrambled eggs, just by themselves before dinner.

New Hair Conditioner

I got a sample of this stuff a while ago and then bought some on special offer.  I had been using  a Phil Smith conditioner for long hair, which a friend recommended and I think it might be great for people with a different hair type it wasn’t good for mine. Switching to this stuff has made the mornings I wash my hair much less of a struggle and my hair feels better and frizzes less (important with the amount of damp going on around here!)

Greek yogurt in general and these in particular

I love these things and all greek yogurt in general. Ma thinks it’s because I lack calcium and my body is telling me what I need. I think it’s because I’ve eaten it so often, my taste buds are catching up!

Blue Nail Varnish


My favourite colour and having nice nails makes me feel put together.

Gin and Tonic

A reward after a hard week..nuff said


*this holiday memory pales in comparision with other disasters of that holiday which included Dad leaving us in a car parked on the beach as the tide came in and me getting epically sunburnt..


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2 Responses to Things I can’t do without

  1. Jenny @ BAKE says:

    Thank God the sun is finally out! It’s lovely see what’s been making you smile!

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