June/July Goals

It’s the beginning of July already..

Let’s look at how I did in June..


Training to walk a marathon and pyramids every day.

The walking is fine but the pyramids died in the last two weeks of the month.


£200 for the month – this was a pass but I’m worried about money as I never seem to have enough.  I’ll need to think harder about this but that’s not for this space.


1 new recipe a month and 2 vegetarian days a week -Pass

I really enjoyed thinking about what I was eating a bit more and I liked the vegetarian days although I need to think more carefully about what I eat and cut back on the dairy on those days!

July is going to be really busy, I’ve got a weekend with my nephew, a wedding at which I’m taking the pictures and various other social commitments during a very stressy couple of weeks at work, two out of town meetings (Scotland and Loughborough) and I don’t want to overload myself with goals I’m too tired to meet. So I’m going to scale back, keeping the vegetarian days and the walking training.

How’s July looking for everyone else?

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