Stuff right now…

1. I had a migraine this week, still feeling slightly woozy and hungover from it. It’s frustrating because I’ve been having them at least once a month over the last couple and I can’t work out why.

2. I’ve cleaned the oven twice this week, it’s going to need more cleaning. At this point, I’m beginning to think it would be easier to buy a new one, it’s a complete housework fail and I need to get into the habit of cleanin the damn thing once a week.

3. I’m going to Fortnum and Mason’s on Friday for afternoon tea, it’s a work thing so I won’t be drinking all the champagne or wearing a hat!

4. The godchildren made grapefruit sorbet over the weekend, it’s very sharp and can only be eaten in tiny amounts, which is no bad thing.

5. I wanted to see one film a month and so far have only managed to see The Muppets. It’s about all my brain can handle at the moment.

6. Chelsea won a game last night. Thus leaves me happy but very surprised. It’s been a very bad season so far.

7. Capability Brown’s actual name was Lancelot. Which might explain why he preferred Capability.

8. Wednesday, half way through the week. Hurrah


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