Feeling a litte bit rant-y

Liam Fox

I accept that Adam Werrity is a close friend of his and I really don’t care for all the ‘is he gay’ stuff doing the rounds. However, ask yourself this question, does anyone take their close friends to business meetings?, if your close friend knocked up a business card with the logo for the company you worked for and hawked themselves out to your clients as your advisor, would you be ok with that? Because regardless of all the detail, if you take Liam Fox at his word, he was completely ok with that.

Sorry Liam, that’s not a failure of judgement, that’s just bloody stupid. Really, if you couldn’t see how completely nuts that was then you don’t deserve to be in Parliament, let alone in the Cabinet and in charge Defence. Your behaviour comprised the security of this country. You let a man who you knew not to be working for the government attend high level meetings as if he did. You let him set up meetings he shouldn’t have been involved in, you let him pass himself as something he wasn’t to other governments. You attended meetings he arranged in hotels that weren’t security checked, with people that you weren’t supposed to meet. Frankly, it would be easier to comprehend if you were under some sexual spell, because who would think that was ok?

That you did, shows how completely out of touch with the real world you are.

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