Monday Things

This week I am going to:

See Max and Murphy

(and she’s mostly cuter when she’s awake!!)

Pack for Greenbelt Grace are doing three things this festival and although I’ll be there for the Yearn service and will see the installation, I’m coming home on Saturday night (which means I’m going to miss Mark Thomas)….

….because Ma and I are having this young man for the day, while his parents celebrate their 4th wedding anniversary (congratulations Ben and Lu!)

(He’ll probably be that impressed when he finds out as well!)

Which means before I leave for Greenbelt, I need to tidy the flat because Ma is staying on Sunday night!

See Journey’s End

I also have to fit in a run every morning and do a heap of washing. I do want to remember to stop and smell the flowers though or maybe even look at the sunset, otherwise what’s the point?


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