Friday night cocktail…

The Kamikaze…

I don’t really drink Vodka, I have nothing against it, but my white spirit of choice is gin and my favourite cocktails are gin martinis and manhattans, so other cocktails tend to revolve around the booze I already have in the house (gin, whiskey etc). However, I seem to get given a lot of vodka. Chrissy and Max brought round a Sainsbury’s own for Cosmopolitans (now being used to make vanilla extract!). Michael (who shares my gin/whiskey prejudice) brought me some Russia Standard. Finally, my downstairs neighbours moved to Australia and gave me their booze collection which had some Absolut. So I decided that I’d have to start using this stuff as my freezer really can’t handle any more bottles (all the gin lives in the freezer and I feel vodka should too!). So I consulted Shaken to see what I could make and came across the Kamikaze..

The Shaken recipe is thus:
1oz Cointreau
1.5 oz vodka
1oz lemon juice
dash of lime cordial

I tried this but felt the balance was off, too much vodka not enough other favours. So I googled the recipe and taking several of them came up with this:
1oz Cointreau
1oz vodka
1oz lime juice

Pour ingredients over ice
Pour into martini glass
Garnish with lime wedge or cocktail cherry

I like this one more, so this is the kamikaze for the Dempsey house. It strikes me that this is very similar to a White Lady and that may be a cocktail for next time.

Happy Friday.

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