Friday Night Cocktail

So, this is sort of a Manhattan but with gin!! And is also known as a Bronx with Bitters. I have changed some of the proportions, less vermouth, more gin! I’ve specified the type I’ve used but you can always play with it a bit…

100ml gin (I’ve used both Tanqueray and Bulldog and Bulldog worked better, so you could prob try this with vodka if gin’s not your thing)
50 ml red vermouth (Lillet Rogue)
50 ml white vermouth (Lillet Blanc)
dash of bitters (cherry bitters)
Juice of quarter of an orange

Pour ingredients over ice, stir. Taste (this is the time to make any changes to adjust the taste if you want to!). Pour into chilled martini glasses, I find a cocktail cherry helps at this point!!

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