Life Happened – Spring springing

I feel like I’ve been really busy this week, my sleep has got all erratic again, it’s the busiest week of my work month and I was packing it into 4 days, so it was pretty busy. Also Spring was mostly springing this week, so I felt a compulsion to wash all the things. I’ll get over it. Highlights of the week (or more to the point, stuff that I took photos of..

Lunch in the park with the girls from work.IMG_2951 Friday Night Pizza.IMG_2955I spent some time on Saturday with the Baxter babies and how cool is the print on this dress?IMG_2974Ma and I watched our favourite films (points if you know what it is!)IMG_2979I made a perfect poached egg for breakfast on SundayIMG_2981Took a long walk through the parks to get to and from the libraryIMG_2984


Not pictured, Oxford won the Boat Race, Chelsea beat QPR (we did get lucky but Ben probably won’t speak to me for a week!), I made this, I picked up my reserved books at the library, caught up with Ryan, cleaned the fridge and am on a clear all the surfaces kick at home (it’s Spring!).

How was your week?





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