Housework: Making the bed

People fall into lots of categories, tea or coffee, beer or wine, people who take their makeup off before bed and those that don’t bother. We could divide and sub divide ourselves in to endless little groups.

Here’s another. I’m a bed maker. It’s one of the few housework things that I didn’t have to train myself to do and one that I do every day. It’s not a chore, it’s just what I do.IMG_2726I get out of bed, I make it. Even as a messy teenager, I made my bed. I don’t ever remember being told to make my bed as a kid but I do remember the process of straightening it out and then arranging the many cuddly toys in the right order.

Why? Because messy beds are not places you want to sleep and an unmade bed makes the whole room look messy. Also I move about a lot in my sleep, it’s not unusual for me to wake up having turned my duvet upside down or for pillows to have found their way to the bottom of the bed or the floor, so fixing that is required.20121007-194801.jpgI read somewhere that you should make your bed each morning because it’s the first task of the day and sets you up for success. Then, if the day turns into a nightmare and you don’t accomplish anything else, you at least made your bed AND you have a welcoming bed to get into at the end of the day. I didn’t need the encouragement to make my bed, but I completely agree with the point.

The first thing I did when I moved into the flat was (literally) make my bed. When Ma moved last year, her bed was the first thing I put back together and made*. That day I took apart and put back together; the bed, the bookshelves and the kitchen unit thingie** but I made the bed first because there is nothing worse than spending the day moving and unpacking, to realise at midnight, you have to sort out where you’re sleeping.IMG_2441We live in a age of duvet covers and fitted sheets, so making the bed is simple. Organise the pillows and shake the duvet out. It takes less that 5 minutes and it really does make a difference to how feel about the state of my house.

I may hardly ever hoover but my bed is made!

So what about you guys? Do you make your bed? ? Is it something you have to do or something you don’t bother with?


*yes I did notice at the time that Ma I have have very similar taste in duvet covers

**I am the queen of disassembling Ikea furniture


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