Drink More Gin Water

One of the easiest ways for me to feel better about the state of my health is to stay hydrated. The recommendation is for about 1.6 litres a day and includes all non-alcoholic liquids not just water but advises you to watch out for sugary drinks.  I’m usually pretty good about this, I drink fizzy drinks occasionally (IBC Rootbeer is my weakness and if I lived in the US, I’d drink a lot more than I do now!), after my morning coffee, I switch to herbal tea and I have (and use) a water bottle on my desk at work.IMG_2653During December, I wasn’t as great at staying hydrated as I could have been. I was busy at work and I just didn’t make it a priority to fill up my water bottle, and I’m not as consistent about my water intake when I’m at home.

After Christmas, I decided to up my game and ensure that I drank 2 litres of water a day, the key to my plan was using a couple of empty Champagne bottles, filling them water and putting them in the fridge.

It’s an idea I stole from my friends Jenny and Jonny who always have a bottle of chilled water stored like this in their fridge, jugs don’t really fit fridges but these bottles do and look nice on the table.IMG_2666When I’m at home, I put a bottle and a glass on the kitchen table and having it, right there in front of me encourages me to drink it. Who knew it was that simple?



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