A New Year.

I always thought that the New Year comes at the wrong time. I think the accountants have it right and a New Year should start in Spring, not in the depths of winter. It’s also hard to celebrate the end of the year and the beginning of a new one, in the middle of Christmas and I am still in Christmas, the tree doesn’t come down until the weekend when Christmas ends.

20131223-093816.jpgHowever, the calendar, tradition and everyone else disagrees with me and today is the first day of 2014.

Last year, I set goals. This year I’m not going to.

I did think about it, I thought of all the things I could push myself to do and then I decided that I really couldn’t be doing with it.

Yes, I am a naturally indolent person and no I’m not too bothered about it any more. I used to be and I’ve spent a lot of my life beating myself up over my ‘inability’ to motivate myself and be a grown up, responsible and active person. This year I’ve decided to stop doing that.


2013 marked the year where I realised that I really like who I am and I really don’t care if anyone else does or not. It was the year when I stopped trying to be who I thought I should be and got happy about being who I was and at 40 years old it was way past time.


So this year, I want more of that. I want to read more books, spend more time with my friends, drink more cocktails, laugh more, live the best life I can and be completely unapologetic about it.

So this year, there are no goals, no plans, no reflection on last year and no grand visions for this. There is a word. Enjoy.

This year, I’m just going to enjoy my life and do the very best I can with it.

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