Chicken Enchilada Soup

Cooking for one can be tricky. Most recipes come at least for two people and sometimes for more than that and I don’t want to eat exactly the same thing every day for a week. Luckily for me, my flat came equipped with a freezer and over the last couple of years, I’ve developed the habit of making a big pot of something in the slow cooker at the beginning of the month and then freezing the extra to eat through the next couple, the bean stew, is great for this but this soup (freeze without the greens) and soup generally, meat sauce, all feature.

When I saw this recipe for Chicken Enchilada Soup, I thought that it was candidate for the same treatment and I made it this weekend.


It was really good. I did make some changes to the recipe because I am me and mostly ’cause I didn’t read the recipe properly.

First ingredients. What is mexican style chilli powder? Yeah, I don’t know, so I used the same amount of fajita seasoning (this one). While I’m asking questions, a can of tomato sauce, is that what we call tomato puree, is it like pasta sauce, passata? Again, I have no idea. So, I improvised, I had a tube of tomato puree, some smooth ‘salsa’ in a packet that came with a nacho kit and then to make up the weight to 15 ounces, some sun dried tomato paste and I omitted the sugar too. I used about 2 and a half pounds of chicken thighs with the bone in and because I don’t have cans, I dumped two cups of frozen corn and 2 cups of frozen black beans straight into the slow cooker.  Finally, I don’t like heat in my food, so no jalepeno (yes I am a wimp about heat, no I really don’t care), I didn’t add any cream, cayenne or salt or pepper either. Apart from that, everything was the same as the recipe!

I also didn’t properly read the recipe instructions and dumped everything into the slow cooker (so no need for the oil either) stuck it on low at about 7pm and left it to do it’s thing.

Around 9.30 the next morning, I removed the chicken, took the bones out of it, shredded the chicken and returned it to the pot for another half hour and switched it off.

Later on, I ate a bowl with cheese and a dollop of yoghurt (in lieu of sour cream) but you can dress this up in so many different ways, use your imagination. It was really good.


I’ve bagged it up into 6 more servings and it goes into meal rotation from next week, it’s going to be perfect autumn/winter food. More a stew than a soup, it’s good and comforting and you should try it, either my mucked about version or the original version.

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