Chocolate Cake

No post yesterday due to migraine! But I want to tell you about this cake!

Last weekend, I make a chocolate cake, for Kathy. I took two photos of it when it was in the fridge. Which was foolish but I didn’t think that I was going to talk about it here but it’s a great cake and worth talking about. Although I will confess that it doesn’t look it, I love to bake but I’m never going to win prizes for cake decoration!


Anyway, I found this cake here, and I wish mine had looked that professional but we do what we can.

A couple of things that I think are worth mentioning. I don’t have 8-inch pans, mine are 9 I think and so my cake was a little flatter. I also didn’t have any white vinegar, which I’m assuming is what we call distilled vinegar, but because the rise for this cake comes from the reaction of the bicarbonate of soda (baking soda) and the acid I assumed that I just needed vinegar and used the same amount of red wine vinegar, it worked fine. The cake was light and moist and I might try the same recipe but bake as cupcakes cause I think that would work too. It’s also vegan so if you’re baking for vegans you could happily use the cake but not the frosting.

The frosting is amazing but also completely over the top, which is what you want in a birthday cake. I also had a fair amount left over. It’s chocolate and sour cream and icing sugar and loads of it. The sour cream gives it some tanginess but you can just use cream if you don’t fancy it. Divided as we are by a common language, I’ve become pretty good at decoding US terms for baking so they make sense to me, but I’ve never got the hang of the various definitions of chocolate that they use, this could be partly because having eaten some Hersheys, I refuse to believe that they eat chocolate at all (I still have nightmares about it). The loose understanding that I have is that Americans have 3 types of chocolate, Bittersweet, Semi-Sweet and Milk. We have plain chocolate with various percentages of cocoa content and milk. This frosting calls for one pound and six ounces of bittersweet chocolate. That’s quite a bit of chocolate, especially when you are buying Lindt 85%, so I cheated and used Bourneville, which has less cocoa (55% I think) and is a bit cheaper, it worked well but if you want something more bitter, adjust the chocolate you use. My other top tip, let the frosting cool completely, maybe put it in the fridge, the less squidgy it was, the easier I found it to work with.

It’s a great birthday cake and worth baking, so please have a go.


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