Skincare and Makeup

Ok, this is shallow, but I love makeup…I know that makeup doesn’t make you cool and I heard the arguments for not. However, I like makeup, I prefer how I look when I put it on and I know how to do it and more importantly to remember to take it off properly. Looking after my skin and wearing makeup is just part of what I do now. I also love the faff of skincare and makeup, I have friends that can spend hours in shoe shops, I can spend hours in Boots…

So here’s my ‘can’t live without’ list….

Liz Earle Cleanse and Polish

It smells great, feels good on my skin and I can wash my face. I have used others, but I come back to this one as it’s not too expensive and works..

Dermalogica Daily Microfoliant

I love this stuff, and yes it is expensive but a little goes a long way and I reckon that I buy one every 6 months or so. I do worry about one day being stopped at an airport because of the jar of white powder in my bag but it hasn’t happened yet.

Piz Buin In Sun Radiant Facial Cream

I have my father’s colouring so have very pale skin. Although my moisturisers have SPF in them and so does quite a bit of my makeup, I always use sunblock in the summer and it’s never less than SPF 30. As I keep saying, a tan is a sign of skin damage. This has been my favourite for a while now.

Benefit Porefessional

I’m a bit of a Benefit junkie if I could only have one Benefit product, it would be this one. I really love this stuff.  I use it as a primer and it makes my skin feel great and ensures that my foundation goes on evenly. I haven’t found anything I like as much..

Chanel Vitalumière in Limpide

I do use other foundations (I use Benefit Playsticks for extra coverage in the winter or as a concealer) but this is consistently the one I buy when I have the money. I know that there are cheaper foundations, but the texture of this is perfect for my skin (also every time I find a cheaper one I like, it gets discontinued, Chanel just keep making this one!). Again a little goes a long way and I’m still using the bottle that I bought the last time I was in Belfast which was September…

I am always keen to try new stuff though, so if you have any suggestions…


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