Bossy about cocktails…

I have written before about martinis and my strict rules for drinking them (gin, stir etc, etc). I am a hugely unadventurous cocktail drinker.  My preference is always a gin martini or a perfect manhattan.

But I am also bossy about them.  My rules…

Don't ever use sub standard alcohol, if you wouldn't drink it neat, don't drink it with something else. My only exception to this rule is champagne cocktails – if I get given Moet, it's for cocktails. (Look, I know, I'm a snob and a pain in the arse but I don't like it and for me, it's vastly improved by having orange juice and triple sec in it, the palate wants what it wants)

Cold glasses, cold booze (and for martini cold gin, I keep mine in the freezer). Don't skimp on the ice.  Nothing worse than a warm martini.  If you don't have ice, drink something else or go to another bar.

If you walk into a bar and you have to tell the barman how to make the drink. Leave. This is why I often can be found in a TGI Friday's. They are totally lacking in atmosphere and I don't eat there but the bar staff have to learn 100 cocktails by heart. It's all about the booze people….

Don't shake a gin martini. Animal

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