You couldn’t make it up…

I don’t drive, don’t as in, can’t, therefore buses and trains are my friends.  On Friday morning I got a bus to the station, it was quite a crowded bus, there were several people standing. I was one of them.  Something, I believe a small child dropping her scooter in front of the bus, caused the driver to slam on the brakes.  People fell over, one of them was me, one of them was my mum.  Ma was bleeding, I was bruised.  But other than that no harm.

On Saturday afternoon, I’m on another bus, carrying a cake for the Grace cafe, and a dog runs in front of the bus. Brakes are applied. I fall, the cake falls, someone else falls on top of me.  It was not pretty.  I gave up and went home to bed.

What are the odds?


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