Ok, what’s next?

What’s next? Erm, more moving…

I have found a flat, in Ealing with a lovely kitchen.  I get the keys on Saturday, due to my already booking in a haircut and not having booked moving people….I’m not actually moving until the 4th July, but it’s gonna happen.

Once that’s done, I have nothing except cake making for the Berry Kenny anniversary bash, they’ve been married 25 years, Tina doesn’t bake….

A quiet month, that will be interesting…..


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2 Responses to Ok, what’s next?

  1. Sophie says:

    Moving house is so exciting – I know that most people find it stressful, but I think it is just a good excuse to spend money on new bedding, and new kitchen utensils, and I can think of nothing better to waste my money on 🙂

  2. Nic Dempsey says:

    I like the being in a new space and deciding what should go where and am really looking forward to being reunited with my Magimix (it's been over 2 years baby!) but the actual moving and the last month of not having space of my own…that's been stressful….

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