Fuss about nothing

I have spent most of today listening to Radio 4 and am amazed about how much air time is being devoted to the Jonathan Ross/Russell Brand affair.

First up, they were acting like overgrown schoolboys and it was tasteless.  However, they have said sorry.

Enough already.

In no particular order of preference, there is a presidential election in the US, the economy is in meltdown, the fighting in Congo has started again, there’s been an earthquake in Pakistan, the Palestinian football team played their first home game in Palestine, Israel is going to have another election, it snowed yesterday, Maradona is going manage Argentina (the football team rather than the country), there’s a new James Bond film out at the end of the week, Hungary is the first EU country that has received money from the IMF.

Why is this story so big? Because we like to be outraged?  Because people think Ross and Brand are paid too much? Because the Daily Mail doesn’t like them? Because Georgina Ballie wants to be famous?

Can we all grow up and think about something else now?

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1 Response to Fuss about nothing

  1. tall-rich says:

    I did wonder why it kept being the #1 news story too. That said, anything that waters down the wall-to-wall US news coverage might be welcomed (and I'm speaking as a West Wing fanatic here!)

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