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Friday Night Cocktail

The Final Fling. This was the last cocktail of my birthday weekend, hence the name. It’s a bit girly for me but the raspberry cut the sweetness of the elderflower, works for me! 2oz gin 1oz elderflower liqueur (St Germain) … Continue reading

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The importance of having goals..

If last week was ‘don’t do anything but housework and cross-stitch’,  this week is ‘get off bum and go do things’ week. This is caused by the realisation that it’s mid-way through August, Greenbelt is next week and to quote … Continue reading

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Nice places in Ealing

A shop full of cheese. Less than 10 minutes from my house. Heaven. Cheddar Deli in Northfields Avenue. They’ve just opened so are still settling in but Max and I went in yesterday and it’s good and full of cheese.. … Continue reading

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For my birthday, my mum gave me some new pyjamas and a holiday. I haven’t been on a holiday since 2009, so this is a good and very generous thing. We’re going to spend a week in Northumbria. I’ve been … Continue reading

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Instagram pictures

I haven’t really been taking pictures of anything other than the nephew and godchildren. I’ve been trying to change that and started to try and make a concerted effort to take photos. Instagram makes ordinary photos look better…see below Mum … Continue reading

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One Man, Two Guvnors..

I love the theatre and I’m not a great reviewer. I can tell you if I enjoyed something, I can tell you if the actor was good. I don’t read plays and I can’t talk at length about this stuff. … Continue reading

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Sunday Music

Dinner with Sarah this week. Sarah and Ryan are two of my favourite people.  I heard this again the other day and was transported back to a time when Sarah was married to John, I lived with Craig, Ryan was … Continue reading

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After the riots of this week, I’ve been hearing a lot about respect, parenting and the lack thereof. My Facebook feed has been full of people calling for the army, water cannons, rubber bullets to be used against what has … Continue reading

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Stuff and nonsense

Things I am thinking about now. 1) The aftermath of this… 2) I’m a little bit worried about this boy, maybe time to go to Belfast 3) Looking forward the the theatre on Sunday, we’re going to see One Man, … Continue reading

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The difference a year makes..

August 2010 Oliver and Tabitha last year at my birthday. August 2011 This year walking, talking (well they can both say no!), chaos causing individuals. Olly is more used to the flat and knows were all the good stuff is. … Continue reading

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